What is Diamond Art Painting (DAP)?

Like a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond art painting is an elegant craft involving applying colorful rhinestones on a rich canvas painting.

Not only is it deeply rewarding when you end up with a visually dazzling diamond artwork that sparkles and shines, many of our fellow painters have shared that DAP has helped them to relax, destress, and lessen the effects of their medical illnesses.

DAP is also able to help maintain fine motor skills and cognitive ability.


Are you sure this is for me?

Yes absolutely. Whilst DAP has the same health benefits as other forms of art & craft, it is actually much better in some regards.

Let's see how it compares to other popular forms of crafting:

Crocheting & Cross-stitching

Diamond art painting is considered less taxing on the hands, and is easier to pick up, both physically and in concept.

Adult Coloring Books

Uneven pressure on the marker/pencil tip can result in inconsistencies between the different shades of colors. This is not possible with diamond art painting.


Generally, without proper management, PBN can be rather messy. Not only is diamond art painting much tidier, there is also no need to prepare water or paint. Additionally, the painting won't "dry up prematurely", preventing consistency issues.


I'm concerned this is too hard.

As with all forms of crafting, DAP requires a certain degree of control and motor skills. However, we would say that it has one of the lowest requirements, making it ideal as a starting point to develop and maintain these skills.

This is another reason why we absolutely love DAP - it's accessible, and we have seen countless times how success helps boost our painters' confidence, enabling them to work on bigger and even more fulfilling portraits.


Are the portraits of equal difficulty?

All portraits are equal in the sense that the diamonds are of the same size, but the difference in canvas sizes mean that it may be less time consuming if you begin with a smaller portrait.


Should I go for square⬜ or round⚪ diamond paintings?

This definitely comes down to personal preferences, but generally, square paintings are slightly harder at first, but you end up with a better picture with more details. However, because round paintings are more forgiving, some of our painters feel that it is more relaxing.

Both types still look amazing, particularly for large portraits, so we would advise you having a go at both, and going from there 😊


Sounds great, but I'm a seasoned regular already. Where do I look?

That's wonderful, fellow painter! In this case, you may either browse our portraits via clicking on the collections, or you may click "All Items" above, which will present you with a comprehensive list of all the products we have on offer.

We are adding products all the time. If there is something that you would really like added to the store, feel free to reach out to us at and we will try our very best to accommodate your requests :)


Tell me about your shipping policy.

We are very proud to announce that not only is our shipping 100% free, WORLDWIDE, but our Items take only 13 - 20 days from order to delivery. This is in stark contrast to the industry average of 20 - 31 days.


Is there a reason why you do not provide portraits smaller than 25 cm in length?

As the size of the diamond beads remains consistent regardless of the size of the canvas, you lose image clarity the smaller the portrait is. Therefore, you will notice that each portrait will have a minimum set of dimensions, so as to still maintain sufficient image definition. The following image demonstrates it visually.


Help! I've lost some diamond beads!

It's okay, we add spare beads to every kit to ensure that you are covered for any accidental loss.


I have a question that wasn't answered, can you help me?

Sure! Please reach out to us at