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Hi everyone, Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time. We hope that you have been staying well. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, this has taken a significant toll on our supply chain and shipping times. We are moving as quickly as we can to get your paintings to you, often choosing more expensive shipping options if it means it can be expedited, but there are limitations. Seeing as the slowdown may continue indefinitely, we have decided to pause all operations till shipping times recover. We would like to reassure you that ALL ORDERS have been SHIPPED OUT and will eventually reach you, but the exact length will likely take longer, and can range anywhere from 2-3 months depending on where you are in the world. This pause will allow us to reassess where we stand as a business, and to do everything we can to help fast track any existing deliveries. Once again, please note that all orders have been fulfilled, so if you are currently waiting on a painting, they have been sent out from our warehouse, and we are working to get it to you soonest. Thank you for your kind understanding. The PDA team

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